Booking Conditions

Parental responsibility

  • Person with parental responsibility is required to be a ‘spotter’/’belayer’ and support for their child whilst they are climbing.

  • An adult can be responsible for a maximum of two children, however this does mean that only one child can be on the wall at any one time.

  • Babies and children under 2 years can come along, however they need to be clear of the climbing area to avoid accidents.

  • The person with parental responsibility has overall care for their child/children prior, throughout and post Climbing TOTS class.

  • All climbing centre rules apply to Climbing TOTS and customers.


Booking and cancellation

  • Booking and payment is required prior to the classes commencing. Payments are not refundable other than in extremely extenuating circumstances in writing with the written consent of Climbing TOTS.

  • Participant Information is required prior to child commencing a Climbing TOTS class. Either electronic or paper is satisfactory. It is the responsibility of the person with parental responsibility to inform Climbing TOTS of any changes to the Participant Information.

  •  At the end of each half term parents who are already attending regular term time classes will have first refusal as to whether they wish to continue with a place on the next half term.

  • If Climbing TOTS must cancel the class for reason beyond our control, we will inform you as soon as possible, and regrettably we will be unable to refund or credit classes in this situation. If we have to cancel a class for reasons within our control we inform you as soon as possible and offer either credit for future classes or a refund for the class (minus the Paypal fee).



  • Climbing TOTS may use photography and video clips taken in lessons on our website and social media platforms for promotional purposes, unless permission is not given on Participant Information Form.

  • Person with parental responsibility can take pictures and videos of their own children.


Data Protection

  • All personal data will be secured in accordance with GDPR 2018 legislation.

  • We will not share personal details with any other parties unless you give formal permission.

  • We will keep your data for as long as we provide services to you. We will then continue to hold your data for a maximum of five years from the date of our last transaction (e.g. final payment, final provision of services, final correspondence) in order to deal with any future queries.