Frequently Asked Questions

What age can my children come to Climbing TOTS?

 Age 2 – 5 years old, up to their 6th birthday.


How long are the classes?

Regular term time classes are 45 minutes. Weekend and holiday classes are 1 hour.


What should they wear? 

Any comfy clothes and trainers. Avoid dresses, sandals and welly boots. If you have a choice of shoe then the ones that are best fitting with less wriggle space for toes at the end the better……….Oh, and we love a good fancy dress costume!


My child struggles to concentrate during structured activities, is Climbing TOTS suitable?

Classes are designed for 2 to 5 years which is a broad developmental spectrum. The classes are designed with many fast paced, engaging activities, however there is no expectation for the children to participate in all of them, if they are particularly enjoying an activity then we are happy for them to carry on with the support of their parent/carer. The aim is for children to enjoy climbing and play in whatever form as long as it is safe.


Is my child going to be supported when climbing?

A parent /carer is required to be with their child throughout the class to spot and support their child. This is essential for the child's physical and emotional safety, especially when they are younger. The leader will be overseeing the whole class and will always be there to ask to spot if a parent/carer requires it at any given time.


How do I spot my child correctly when they are climbing?

When they are climbing without ropes (bouldering) you stand behind them with your arms out ready to brace their fall. When climbing movement is new to a TOT, especially before 30 months, there will be more need to physically support them and guide their foot and hand placements as well and support their weight on vertical and overhung walls.


Can I bring 2 children?

Yes, you can be responsible for a maximum of 2 children who are either participating or watching. However, you can only spot one at a time, therefore they will need to take it in turns to be off the ground if they are both climbing.


Can I bring my 2 and 5 year old to the same class?

Yes we know that parents appreciate classes where both their children can participate, therefore we now run integrated classes for all 2 – 5 year olds with built in layered activities to stretch all climbers whatever their ability, attention span, focus level and experience.  


Can I bring a baby along?

Yes, you can bring one other sibling. Babies can be in carriers, out of the fall area, which is indicated as matting, or in slings. We often recommend having a trial class to see if it is manageable for you, as every child, baby and circumstance is different. Your leader is always there to help support, so feel free to ask.