Term time weekdays (45 minutes):

  • £8.50 classes booked individually

  • Discounted rate £7.00 per class for termly booking (usually 12 classes)

  • Discounted rate £7.50 per class for half termly basis (usually 6 classes) 

  • Weekend and holiday classes are £11.00 for a 60 minute class


Weekends and holidays (60 minutes):

  • £11.00 classes booked individuallly

Climbing TOTS believes in climbing for all which is why we strive to keep our prices low as is viable. The pricing reflects the demand of peak and off-peak periods.

Due to keeping our prices down and managing price against class ratios we cannot offer free trial classes or discount for siblings.



What is included in the cost:

Wall hire

Equipment and toys

Qualified climbing wall instructor