What is Climbing TOTS?

Climbing TOT classes

Climbing TOTS is a fun, active introduction to climbing for 2 – 5 year olds. The class uses play and themes to enthuse children whilst exercising and climbing. Climbing concepts are woven into the class with an introduction to basic principles and safe climbing practices.

Fundamental physical skills including agility, co-ordination, balance, physical control and climbing technique are developed whilst building self-esteem and confidence within a safe environment at Climbing TOTS.

When TOTS become more confident in their climbing, we offer roped climbing to those who want to give it a go during term time classes at walls where it is available.


Parental responsibility


Person with parental responsibility is required to be a ‘spotter’ and support for their child whilst they are climbing. They are free to join in with play and exercise if they choose.


An adult can be responsible for a maximum of 2 children, however this does mean that only 1 child can be on the wall at any one time.

Babies and children under 2 can come along, however they need to be clear of the climbing area to avoid accidents.

Who is suitable?

Climbing TOTS is for any 2 - 5 year olds who are physically able.